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For over a decade, I've provided cybersecurity and B2B tech companies with content-centric marketing support to achieve their goals.

But what I like to tell people upfront is that I'm not your run-of-the-mill writer. First and foremost, I'm a marketer. I've headed up field marketing teams, developed demand generation campaigns, and established strategic content marketing visions for dozens of high-tech brands.

As a writer, I've penned everything from conversion copy to thought leadership by harnessing my breadth of marketing knowledge. All while keeping focus on creating assets that do more than check off a box on an editorial list. Each blog, white paper, email campaign, or other compelling copy that I've authored has had a strategic purpose behind it to tie back to business-level goals.

Feedback from clients and colleagues will echo this experience. You'll hear that I'm a whiz at creating exceptional content without much to work off of, have talent that doesn't come around often, and that I always deliver on time.

Whether you need a B2B tech writer, or a little something more, I'm always excited to jump in and become an extension of your team.

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